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Pauline Bailey is a Melbourne-born visual artist and author based in Gippsland, Victoria. She paints urban landscapes, street scenes, portraits and still life, and she is recognised for her depictions of Melbourne’s music venues and iconic buildings. She is the author of a series of books about the Australian blues scene: “Blues Portrait” (Volumes 1, 2 and 3). Volume 4 is due for release late 2023.

All products including prints and books are printed and manufactured in Australia. All original artworks designed and painted by Pauline.

Web: www.paulinebaileyart.com   Links: https://linktr.ee/paulinebaileyart  

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"Blues Portrait is an incredible book which documents the Australian Blues Music scene and its amazing musicians." - Peter D. Harper

Peter D. Harper

"If you collect music biographies (or just want a good read) you need this book. It fills a big void in any collection because there are so few books about blues musicians - especially Australian ones. Even if you’re not a blues fan (God forbid!), the book is full of great down-to-earth chats with the likes of Kevin Borich, Bob Spencer, Phil Para and Kerri Simpson, to name but a few."

- Sharon

Sharon B.

"I learnt so much and filled in a lot of gaps that I didn’t even know were gaps in this wonderful music scene we have here. So grateful to have this book."

- Grant

Grant B.

"Certainly can recommend this book to any music enthusiast, no matter what their preferred genre is - the blues is where it all began for the music of today." - Lee

Lee B.


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