Melbourne-born, Gippsland-based visual artist Pauline Bailey specialises in urban landscapes, street scenes, and rock 'n' roll portraits. She is also the author of Blues Portrait - A profile of the Australian blues scene, Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

Based in Melbourne, Australia.

"Blues Portrait is an incredible book which documents the Australian Blues Music scene and its amazing musicians." - Peter D. Harper

Peter D. Harper

"If you collect music biographies (or just want a good read) you need this book. It fills a big void in any collection because there are so few books about blues musicians - especially Australian ones. Even if you’re not a blues fan (God forbid!), the book is full of great down-to-earth chats with the likes of Kevin Borich, Bob Spencer, Phil Para and Kerri Simpson, to name but a few."

- Sharon

Sharon B.

"I learnt so much.. and filled in a lot of gaps that I didn’t even know were gaps in this wonderful music scene we have here. So grateful to have this book."

- Grant

Grant B.

"Certainly can recommend this book to any music enthusiast, no matter what their preferred genre is - the blues is where it all began for the music of today." - Lee

Lee B.